20 volumes!

So, so happy!!!! There are 20 volumes of the series: Beautiful Places!

Here are the volumes, in reverse order:

20. Sighisoara

19. Luzern

18. Bucharest

17. Salzburg

16. New York

15. Lisbon

14. Rhine Falls

13. Prague

12. Mud Volcanoes

11. Budapest

10. Vienna

9. Venice

8. Passau

7. Washington

6. Keukenhof

5. Sagrada Familia

4. Barcelona

3. Zurich

2. Brasov

1. Matterhorn

Enjoy some photography of Beautiful Places!


Spectacular Lucerne (Luzern)

It is full of history – not only recent, but going back to Ice Age and beyond, about 2 million years ago, when it was a Subtropical place – Lucerne is one of my favorite Swiss cities. Enjoy few #photo here, and find more in volume 19 of the series:

Beautiful Places


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Bucharest. Beautiful Bucharest!

Volume 18 of the series Beautiful Places is here! Fresh, and of course, beautiful: Bucharest.

Beautiful Bucharest

Beautiful Bucharest
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Lolele in Agnita

In the center of Romania, in the little town Agnita, Sibiu county, it was resuscitated an old tradition of Sasi (Transylvanian Saxons; in German: Siebenburger Sachsen), documented since 1689. It was intermittently practiced and threatened with total disappearance after the movement of the Saxons in Germany in the last years of the communist regime and after the 1989 Romanian Revolution. It is named in German “Urzelnlauf” and in Romanian “Fuga Lolelor” (= run of Lole), or as it is called on short: Lole. The tradition was forbidden last time in 1941, then resumed and practiced between 1969 until 1990, when it was stopped again – and this time it seemed permanently. Luckily in 2006 Lolele were exemplary recommence in Agnita, this time by a group of Romanians, who understood the cultural and social importance of this event, beyond any kind of “ethnical” boundaries.

When I was a child I was quite squared of these personages, Lole. Now, it is a festival so dear to me! Lolele run through the city to ward off bad spirits out of the town.
Enjoy some pictures:

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