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Pentru ca sint ale mele si ca sa aiba o identitate, le-am numit by Dorin David… De azi incep sa fie listate si pe #eMag. Imi place ca eMag-ul a scris “Brand: by Dorin David”. Asta inseamna ca de-acum am un brand!!! 🙂 Minunat!

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Biserica Sf. Nicolae, Schei #Brasov


Our world is becoming more and more a Terra Incognita. Even we know all the territories… It’s our way of being, of acting. We are strangers! Strangers to others, and increasingly strangers to ourselves… Of course, there is still time. We need to think more. Cogito ergo sum is more than ever true.


Here’s a great piece of art dedicated to all explorers of geographic and human borders!

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Despre Profesorul ADRIAN BEJAN în „Quartz Media LLC” (US)

Cu multumiri lui Vasile Gogea

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Everything created is predicted by nature:

Foto: Trees, streams, and traffic patterns all follow the same rule of flow. (Ephrat Livni)

„The Duke University professor responsible for this theory, Adrian Bejan, received the 2018 Franklin Institute Medal for mechanical engineering on April 19. According to constructal law, all animate or inanimate systems—including art, trees, people, organizations, and financial structures—follow the natural design principle of flow. The rule states that for any system to persist over time, it must evolve to provide easy access to impositions, allowing currents to flow through it, and moving with them. In other words, everyone and everything that hopes to persist or endure must work with external pressures and be formed by them.”


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Prof. univ. dr. ing. Adrian Bejan – laureat al “Benjamin Franklin Medal”!

Felicitari Adrian Bejan! Cu multumiri lui Vasile Gogea pentru semnalare!

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Adrian Bejan

Adrian Bejan
From:Duke University │ Durham, North Carolina

Benjamin Franklin Medal

  • Citation: For his pioneering interdisciplinary contributions in thermodynamics and convection heat transfer that have improved the performance of engineering systems, and for constructal theory, which predicts natural design and its evolution in engineering, scientific, and social systems.

Adrian Bejan had to find a way to cool small electronics without using traditional methods. Faced with this challenge, he discovered how to flow heat away from small electronics and follow natural pathways allowing it to escape on its own. This discovery not only keeps your laptop from overheating, it sparked an entire line of thought for Bejan about how natural systems branch and flow called “constructal theory.”



Un afiș cu laureații acestui premiu, pînă în 2015


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