A journey to Westworld guided by Eliade and Culianu

A Journey to Westworld Guided by Eliade and Culianu

David, LT (David, Laura Teodora); David, D (David, Dorin)



Volume: 28; Issue: 3; Pages:122-129

Published: FAL 2019


This article formulates an analysis different from regular film criticism of the HBO series Westworld. It presents several ideas of two scholars of Religious Studies, and at the same time writers of fiction, Mircea Eliade and loan Petru Culianu, ideas that can be identified in this series, such as the path to the center, the symbolism of the labyrinth, the myth, or the games of mind, along with confirmatory support from the psychological domain. It is in the intention of the article to provide a “guided tour” of Westworld with Eliade and Culianu as “hosts,” considering that it is of great interest to reveal common points that appear in unexpected places (e.g. a TV show that features future, and for sure futuristic, realities) so many years after the authors’ disappearance from this world.


Westworld; Mircea Eliade; loan Petru Culianu; center; game of mind; posttraumatic growth

Moshe Idel Ia Iași despre „Alchimie și Cabală” și „Ioan Petru Culianu” — @ntonesei’s blog

Profit de linkurile postate de Liviu Antonesei, pentru a le promova si eu aici!

Poate vă amintiți că la începutul lui aprilie marele specialist în filosofia și religia ebraică a fost la Iași unde a acoperit un program intens și interesant. Poate unii dintre Dvoastră ați și participat la evenimnete sau o parte din ele. Din păcate, eu atunci îm fost indisponibil din motivele care se tot manifestă de […]

via Moshe Idel Ia Iași despre „Alchimie și Cabală” și „Ioan Petru Culianu” — @ntonesei’s blog

Catching the Wind

I wanted to see the wind, to catch it in a picture! This is actually a bloomed chestnut in front of my window, in a windy day. I used long expose time to seize the movement, to “catch” the wind. I like the result, so I want to share it with you. Available on canvas and photo paper @saatchiart  (click on the photo):


Bettel, not so funny!

Maybe Xavier Bettel (Prime Minister of Luxembourg for those who – like me 🙂 – I must confess my ignorance – didn’t know who Bettel is) though he was funny, but he wasn’t… At least people in the crowd were sincere, they were happy to take a picture with the… ups, I almost said it, so: with the President of France (for those who doesn’t care: Emmanuel Macron).

But I must say, I am soooooo happy politicians amuse themselves while people are being fooled every single day (for example, with a hundred or two of something)…



Holocaust Remembrance Day – Yom HaShoah

“Never forget! Never again!”

From today, the Hardcover Edition in the memory of the victims:


When People were not Humans

with dust-cover, printed on matte photo paper by Blurb, is available on Amazon:

Auschwitz - Birkenau

Also, 2019 March of the Living could be seen here.

Can we save Venice?

When I read news like this: Venice will be under water by 2100, I think: we must save Venice! Can we? YES, we can! I always think big, but this is bigger than me, and every individual. But together we can do it. We did the impossible: we walked on the Moon, we sent Voyager to the edge of Solar System, we took a photo of a Black Hole! I have big ideas, but my voice is small, so I need voices that are heard, like leaders, actors, activists, politicians, journals and magazines, CEOs and so on. These are just some examples:
























and many many more!

So here is my idea (it is a crazy idea like all great ideas: some people will laugh at first, but brilliant people will realize it is feasible): while we continue and intensify the efforts towards reduce pollution, gas emission and so on, together we could also


Why won’t we build a new sea, or more? With our forces together this will be easier than it sounds, with the use of our modern equipment, big machines and smart people!

So, we will first dig a big hole – my first thought was a desert (just think of Sahara), or an arid zone, but if it is not suitable I’m sure our brilliant scientists will figure out perfect place(s) for this. There are also many natural craters or human made holes that could possibly be used. If we’ll use a desert, we can take the sand from it and also help the beaches in need. Then we’ll use pumps day by day, year after year, to suck the right volume of water from the Mediterranean Sea and the Oceans, transport it and fill the hole(s) with it, and create – first – Venice Sea, then New York Sea, and Sidney Sea, or any coastal city’s Sea. It is not easy, but as a famous president said once, we have to do it ‘not because they are easy, but because they are hard.’ And most importantly, because if we don’t do it, Venice, and many other cities will be under water soon. Or we could start now and save them, together!

If this will go well, then I will share my idea (even crazier but also feasible) on how to produce electricity to have plenty of it, for every city of this world – our home, our only world!

#united #savevenice #wewillbuildasea #oneworld #climate #environment