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Profit de linkurile postate de Liviu Antonesei, pentru a le promova si eu aici!

Poate vă amintiți că la începutul lui aprilie marele specialist în filosofia și religia ebraică a fost la Iași unde a acoperit un program intens și interesant. Poate unii dintre Dvoastră ați și participat la evenimnete sau o parte din ele. Din păcate, eu atunci îm fost indisponibil din motivele care se tot manifestă de […]

via Moshe Idel Ia Iași despre „Alchimie și Cabală” și „Ioan Petru Culianu” — @ntonesei’s blog

Catching the Wind

I wanted to see the wind, to catch it in a picture! This is actually a bloomed chestnut in front of my window, in a windy day. I used long expose time to seize the movement, to “catch” the wind. I like the result, so I want to share it with you. Available on canvas and photo paper @saatchiart  (click on the photo):


Bettel, not so funny!

Maybe Xavier Bettel (Prime Minister of Luxembourg for those who – like me 🙂 – I must confess my ignorance – didn’t know who Bettel is) though he was funny, but he wasn’t… At least people in the crowd were sincere, they were happy to take a picture with the… ups, I almost said it, so: with the President of France (for those who doesn’t care: Emmanuel Macron).

But I must say, I am soooooo happy politicians amuse themselves while people are being fooled every single day (for example, with a hundred or two of something)…



Holocaust Remembrance Day – Yom HaShoah

“Never forget! Never again!”

From today, the Hardcover Edition in the memory of the victims:


When People were not Humans

with dust-cover, printed on matte photo paper by Blurb, is available on Amazon:

Auschwitz - Birkenau

Also, 2019 March of the Living could be seen here.