Sexuality – Limited Edition of 10!

Sexuality can be artistically expressed in many ways. Is not enough to have two bodies in a photo, that’s boring. I wanted to go to the roots of sexuality…

Preview_sexualityThe original is 39.4×39.4 in (100×100 cm), in a limited edition of only 10! The first one is sold, so there are only 9 available: hurry up to get your own. It is signed on the verso, where you can also find the title and the number of the print. Coming with a

Certificate of Authenticity

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We are all cyborgs!

And that’s a good thing, thinks Andy Clark, a philosopher and cognitive scientist. He considers that our mind extends into the world and is regularly entangled with a whole range of devices. That’s why we are all cyborgs, in the most natural way. An insightful article by Larissa MacFarquhar in The New Yorker.

In his last books, Culianu launched first ideas of his theory of morphodynamics (I named his theory Culianu’s Model). Culianu thought that our mental space [something we really don’t know what is and where to be found, but he had hope (and that was before 1991) that cognitive sciences (for sure together with philosophy, as Larissa MacFarquhar said: Cognitive science addresses philosophical questions—What is a mind? What is the mind’s relationship to the body? How do we perceive and make sense of the outside world?—but through empirical research rather than through reasoning alone) will find out, and nowadays it seems they’re getting closer and closer] had amazing properties, and the most remarkable one is that it is not limited to three dimensions, as is the surrounding physical universe.

I think there is a possible convergence point of his theory and Culianu’s. We must do some research on this… So, Clark said that our minds extend out into the world, Culianu said that everything that happened in History first occurred in the human mind. Correct.

Our mind is everything, and everything is our mind.

Perfect Flowers in B&W

A new collection #Saatchi Art!

Thanks to their wonderful colors usually the flowers are at their best in color images. Yet there are some flowers, so delicate, so silky, that they look better in black and white. They actually are perfect. That’s the reason behind this collection I share with you: ‘Perfect Flowers in B&W.’

Available on Canvas, Photo Paper and Fine Art Paper. Here are two examples:

Brasov Old Citadel – Limited Edition

Thanks to Saatchi Art my pictures are available all over the world! Here is a limited edition of ‘Brasov Old Citadel’! 39.4″x118″ (100×300 cm). For other sizes please contact me using the below contact form. Title, signature and number on the verso, all by artist’s hand. Coming with a Certificate of Authenticity. Click and enjoy:


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Chiar dacă e o veste tristă, mulțumiri lui Liviu Antonesei pt. semnalare!

Ieri seara, jurnalistul Andrei Gheorghe a murit la numai 56 de ani. Poliția a fost alertată la 112 și în jurul orei 22, 30 l-au descperit în baia locuinței sale din Voluntari. Primele informații oficiale vorbesc despre un stop cardio-respiratoriu. Pe vremuri, cînd mă mai uitam la TV, urmăream emisiunile lui, am ascultat și […]

via RIP Andrei Gheorghe! — @ntonesei’s blog